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Onaya #1 - Rise of a Druidess Comic on Kickstarter

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Onaya - Rise of a Druidess

Interested in hot & dirty stories? Dive into Onaya’s adventures and survive with her in icy realms, invaded by death, magic & dragons. This is going to be a 18+ fanatsy comic!


The end of the world has come. The only hope for the unfortunate survivors of the Winterwolf clan is to create a better future in their new refuge: Winterruh. Though while they are still licking their wounds, the heroine of the story is faced with a multitude of problems. This is the story of the young moon elf Onaya! As if finding her way as a refugee in her new home and following the strict rules of Winterruh leader Katana weren’t enough, Onaya’s father Arin believes that it is time for Onaya to consummate her arranged marriage to her cousin, Thalion. Is the young elf forced to fulfill her duties as the clan head’s daughter? Or is her destiny another?

Maybe it is found in the wilds? She would much rather spend her time in the freezing cold of the forests all by herself. Cold, but predictable. Surrounded by nature, she feels a connection to the animals and the cycle of life. Her wish to become a moon druid is about to be fulfilled. All she has to do is pass the coming of age trial, and then?
Yes, then what?

In the dying moonlight, her yellow eyes open. „Selune has blessed me,“ the moon child whispers reassuringly. „I can make it.”


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